How to Save Money on a Tight Budget

We've all been there.  When someone has a job change, a big relocation or maybe we end up with a little more on our plate than we thought we could deal with. 

 That's when we put our big kid pants on and start dialing in our spending.  

How to Save Money on a Tight Budget
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    We recognize the importance of a budget and counting every penny we've got.  Making sure each expenditure and all our family needs are met, but we may have to get creative to meet those needs.  

    That's when it is a good time to find out how to save money on a tight budget.  What tips and tricks do others have or have others found success with.
    We are no different then others.  We from time to time really have to watch what and how we spend our money.  Yes, we've had times when that didn't really matter, but more often than not, we've watched what we spent and how we spent it.  That's why these simple, easy and doable tips and tricks will help anyone looking to save money.

    #1 - Make a budget and stick to it

    Probably the biggest advice anyone can give is to live within your means and keep a budget.  What is a budget?  Well, it is a dollar amount you set for yourself to spend for them week or month.  You might have different categories like for groceries or for rent.  

    Best way to stick to a budget is to write down the amount and keep track from each category what you have been spending.  One of the best ways I know to keep to a budget is using the Envelope System.  It's tried and true and it will really help you spend only what you have.

    #2 - Menu Plan

    When you make a monthly or weekly menu, you are writing down what you will eat.  You only shop for those items and nothing else.  

    Having a menu will help you curb those cravings for cheese burgers or stop you from heading to the grocery store each night to get food.  

    Instead, you'll plan ahead, shop ahead, and be ready to eat what is on your menu.  If you need help getting started, we have a free Menu Planning Kit you can download.

    How to Save Money on a Tight Budget

    #3 - Buy in bulk

    Buying in bulk isn't always the answer.  Heading to Costco and buying out the entire store is not going to save you money. 

    However, if your family eats a ton of beef, purchasing a 1/2 a cow to have in your freezer for the next year is a good investment.  

    #4 - Clip the coupons

    I know people tell you all the time to clip coupons.  It can be a frustrating and time consuming job.  I have found for myself, when I clipped coupons I didn't need, I bought stuff I didn't need.  Which is why I'm telling you now,  STOP CLIPPING COUPONS.  

    Instead, only search for a coupon when you need a coupon.  Most retailers have coupons online that can be downloaded with an App or printed right at home.  

    Tons of retailers including Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe's and JoAnn Fabrics, have apps that include discount codes and coupons.  Download the app and when you are headed to the store, check to see what coupons they have available.  

    They may not always have something you can use, but when they do, you save money.  

    #5 - Shop around

    If you do have to make a large purchase, shop around.  Don't go to just one store and buy whatever they have.  Research!  

    The internet has made this so much easier.  Hop on, see what each stores pricing looks like, heck, find yourself a coupon.  Now decide where to shop.  It may only be a small savings of $10 or 20 dollars, but in the long run, you'll be saving hundreds.

    How to Save Money on a Tight Budget

    #6 - Don't be cheap.  Buy quality.

    Maybe this goes against the grain a bit, but when you are making a big purchase like for appliances or even a car, it isn't always best to purchase the cheapest thing available.  

    Make sure what you are purchasing is good QUALITY.  That it will last you longer and will function properly from the start.  Otherwise, it's like your just putting money down the toilet.  You buy the product and now have to keep putting money into it so that it will work.  Not worth it at all!

    #7 - Make it or fix it yourself

    On a homestead, being creative and learning to do new things is all part of the experience.  That's why if it can be made from what resources we already have, we make it.  Why buy bread, when we have all the ingredients to make it. 

    Need bug spray?  What essential oils do we have that can help with this?  Yes, it takes some research, creativity and ingenuity, but in the end, we are usually happy with the results.

    Need to cover your food or make school lunches?  Why not make your own diy beeswax wraps instead of buying plastic bags or wrap.

    YouTube is a great resource.  Don't know how to fix something?  Why not search on YouTube first?  I can say that 100% of the time, if something in our home is broken, YouTube is consulted first.  If no solution is found, we go to the next step.

    How to Save Money on a Tight Budget

    #8 - Barter and trade

    When it comes to bartering, my husband is the pro.  Find a deal on Facebook or craigslist and then talk them into the price you can and are willing to pay.  

    Head to a garage sell and barter for the price you want to pay for those nice dishes.  Bartering is a bit of an art and takes practice and you don't have to be rude to be good at bartering.  Here are some other tips on how to barter.

    If you can't fix it yourself, why not trade with someone who can.  You have talents or products you may be able to offer someone in exchange for a service.  Think about it.  You raise chickens and get fresh eggs, why not trade a few months worth of chicken eggs to have someone come fix your refrigerator.  

    Maybe you can fix something for someone else in exchange for haircuts for your entire family.  There are so many ways you can trade goods and services without ever having to exchange money with someone.

    #9 - Consign what you've got

    Making money can be a hassle but finding money laying around your house is easy.  With social media, it makes it even easier to sell unused items from around your home.  

    Not using that old saddle?  Sell it on Craigslist.  Have baby clothes or equipment you aren't using anymore?  Post it on Facebook or in the Buy/Sell/Trade group.  You'll not only earn some quick cash, but you can clean out those cluttered spots in your house too.

    How to Save Money on a Tight Budget

    #10 -  Save a little

    For a lot of people on a tight budget, saving money seems like a hard thing to do.  But your savings is what will help you maintain your budget and be financial free.  When a doctor's bill comes up, you'll have the money to pay for it.  If that never happens, now you'll have money to travel or take a family trip.  Do what they say and Feed the Pig.

    You don't have to save a lot each month to have some financial stability.  Think about it, even if you could save $50 each month.  At the end of the year you'd have $600.  

    You can do a lot with $600.  What if you saved $100 a month?  Now you'll have $1200 at the end of the year.  That's just by putting $23 dollars in savings a week.  I think we could all afford that.  Even if you are not sure, check out this 52 week savings challenge that has you saving a little bit each week.

    These are just a few of the ways you can simply save money when your budget is tight.  There are some many others like watching your utilities and making sure you turn off all the lights in your house.  

    Or putting clothes on the line to dry instead of in the dryer.  They may not amount to huge savings in the beginning, but over time you'll be saving lots of money.  After all, isn't

    10 tips on How to Save Money on a Tight Budget

    Easy ways to Save Money on a Tight Budget


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