Welcome!!  We are James and Chelsea, 30 something amateur homesteaders with our 3 little rugrats.  

Here we are learning to farm, nurture and enjoy our 10 acres near the Owyhee mountains in Idaho.  We didn't set out to be homesteaders, but life in the city wasn't what we thought it would be.  Plus, we wanted our children to learn and grow out in the open.  

In 2015, we purchased a home on a 10 acre lot in a little known town in Idaho.  Our goal was to create a more self-sufficient life for ourselves and our family.  

Each year we learn a little more, grow and little more and become just a little more self-sufficient.  We've had our ups and downs, but overall, we love our life!

James, or Mr. Homestead, is the tractor driving, chicken farmer.  He is happiest when he is on his tractor, 4-wheeler or lawn mower.  

But if you can't find him there, he'll be hanging out with our 20+ chickens.  He always dreamed about being a farmer and homesteading is how he is fulfilling this dream.

Chelsea is the gardener and homemaker.  As a former Home Economics teacher, she loves to cook, clean and create. 

You can find her early in the mornings in the garden or sitting at the table in the afternoon balancing the checkbook or planning the monthly menu.  Nothing makes her happier than saving money for a fun trip or adventure with the family.

We are excited you want to join in our journey.  Follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

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