Ever feel like the “normal” way of life is too fast paced?  Feel like you need to slow down and create a more simple life?  Want to find ways to be more self-sufficient?

We believe that anyone can create a simple and more self-sufficient life for themselves and their family.

Whether you have a small plot of land or 100 acres.  You can create the life you want and become more self-reliant.

Now, imagine this….

After a long day at work, you head outside to your garden for a bit of peace.  You grab fresh laid eggs from your chickens and pick tomatoes, peppers and onions from your garden.  Breakfast will be an easy task in the morning.

Perhaps, you spend some time in the flower beds watering your flowers.  You grab your garden shears and pick a small bouquet of flowers to take to a sick neighbor or co-worker who needs a little pick-me up.

Finally, on your way back inside, you stop at your freezer in the garage.  You grab frozen veggies and meat you packaged last fall to make a yummy dinner your whole family will enjoy.

What if you could create a life where you didn’t have to go to the store for everything?  Where you could shop your own pantry, freezer and garden for everything you need?

When you become a member of A Frugal Homestead, you’ll learn how to start a  homestead and create a more self-sufficient lifestyle for yourself and your family.

How our homestead started….

Welcome!!  We are James and Chelsea, 30 something amateur homesteaders with our 3 little rugrats.  

Living in a subdivision was hard.  Our neighbors were kind, but our kids were loud.  Our dog barked and got in trouble (more than once).  Our garden wasn’t what we wanted to become more self-sufficient.  We just wanted something….more.

Fast forward 8 years into our marriage and we were able to move out into the country with 10 acres of land.  Did we need 10 acres?  No.  Did we learn fast that we had no idea how to take care and maintain it?  Yes.  Could we have homesteaded on less?  Of course.  Do we regret it?  Never.

All these years later (and MANY mistakes later), we are much wiser and love to share our story with others to help them in their own homesteading journey.  We are not perfect.  But our hope is you will avoid the mistakes we’ve made and learn to be a little more self-sufficient and be proud of your progress, big or small.

Are you ready to start your own homestead?

You can have the homestead you’ve always wanted.  Even if you have a small yard or just a backyard patio.  Start learning to be more self-sufficient today.

Start small by learning to can and preserve food you grow.  Check out our canning and preserving page

Looking to stay organized?   Check out our Etsy shop.  Full of great printables to help you organize your own homestead with baby steps.

Learn the best tips and tricks for hatching and raising chickens.  Whether you have one or two, or like us have 50+. 

We are here for YOU!

We’d love to hear from you.  Feel free to email us any time at afrugalhomestead@gmail.com or join us on FacebookInstagram  |  Pinterest


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