How to Freeze Dry Jolly Ranchers

Freeze dried candy is super popular at the moment.  Why?  It is super tasty and just a fun twist on classic treats.  

Learn  how to freeze dry jolly ranchers and make delicious treats.
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    We started freeze drying jolly ranchers a little over a year ago and have really enjoyed them.  Not just for our family, but also to give away as treats to family, friends and neighbors.

    You would be surprised how easy it to do.  Today we are going to share how to freeze dry jolly ranchers.

    Not sure what we mean when we say freeze drying?  Check out our post on What is Freeze Drying and how to get started.

    How to Freeze Dry Jolly Ranchers

    how to freeze dry jolly ranchers

    First, start up your Harvest Right Freeze Dryer.  You'll want to set your machine with the following settings:
    • Initial Freeze: 0° (if you don't change this it won't really hurt anything)
    • Extra Freeze Time: 0 (you don't necessarily need to change this either)
    • Temperature: 145°
    • Extra Dry time:  2 hours
    You'll start your machine and allow for  the first 15 minute of freeze time.  While you wait prepare your candy. 

    Supplies Needed to Freeze Dry Jolly Ranchers

    Freeze Dryer Machine:  We use the large Harvest Right Freeze Dryer.  We decided to go with the large because it can hold more, which means filling less often versus running the machine more often.  But they come in small, medium and large.  And they released an Ex-Large version in 2023.

    Mylar Bags:  A Mylar bag is a great choice for storing freeze dried foods.  They come in many sizes and keep light from getting to foods.  

    Impulse Sealer: An Impulse Sealer is used to seal Mylar bags.  Heat is applied to the bag layers to seal them together and avoid moisture, air and light from penetrating the bags.

    Oxygen Absorbers: Whether you plan to use Mylar bags or canning jars, you'll want to invest in oxygen absorbers.  Most candies will not need oxygen absorbers, but they are essential for other foods like fruit, veggies and meals.

    You can purchase these in many places including from Harvest Right and even on Amazon.  We've had success with both, but you may need to try a few brands until you find one that works best for you.

    VIDEO: How to Freeze Dry Jolly Ranchers/

    Prepare the Candy

    how to freeze dry jolly ranchers

    To prepare the candy, you'll need yourself some jolly ranchers.  I usually get a big bag like this 48oz bag of jolly ranchers.  You'll need to take time to unwrap each candy and place them on the Harvest Right trays.

    how to freeze dry jolly ranchers

    Spread them out so you have at least an inch if not 2 inches between jolly ranchers.  I usually do 4 jolly ranchers in a row with about 6 rows for my large Harvest Right.

    Add Candy to Freeze Dryer

    how to freeze dry jolly ranchers

    Once the freeze dryer has done it's initial freeze, you'll load your trays into the freeze dryer.  You should have a button that says High Temperature Mode - Candy Process.  Click this button to on and follow the instructions.

    The candy should now process through and freeze dry.  It should take anywhere from 2-4 hours.  As you watch, the jolly ranchers should increase in size and puff up.  

    how to freeze dry jolly ranchers

    When the freeze dryer is done, open and pick a jolly rancher.  It should be able to be crushed with your hand into powder.  If not, you may need to work on adjusting your temperature and time settings to fit your specific machine.

    how to freeze dry jolly ranchers

    Packaging Freeze Dried Jolly Ranchers

    how to freeze dry jolly ranchers

    Now that you have these beautiful Jolly Ranchers, you'll need a way to store them.  I use these colorful Mylar bags with windows from Amazon.  They are the perfect size for fitting 8-9 candies.  I fill them with the candy and heat seal them.

    The jolly ranchers will last this way for several months with no problems.  Eventually they will start to deflate.  That is why I try not to store a lot of inventory if I can't go through it quickly.  Freeze dried candy is best as fresh as possible.

    That is how you freeze dry jolly ranchers.  It is a pretty quick process with a Harvest Right freeze dryer.  

    Want to try other freeze dried candies?  Check out how to freeze dry skittles.

    Learn  how to freeze dry jolly ranchers and make delicious treats.

    Freeze Dried Jolly Rancher Recipe


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