Freeze-Dried Apples - Everything You Need to Know

We are always looking for new ways to eat and share our preserved foods.  Especially ways to get our children to eat better.  

We stumbled upon freeze dried apples years ago, and we knew as soon as we decided to buy our own freeze dryer, we'd be making apples.
Learn how to freeze dry apples using a freeze dryer.
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    Freeze drying apples is super simple and really one of the tops snacks our kids request.  We usually make a large batch from our own apple trees, or from apples we get locally from friends and farmers.  

    Once they come out of the freeze drying, we have to package them super quick or the kids will gobble them all up.  You are sure to find them same thing with your little ones (and big ones too!).

    But what is freeze drying?  Learn all about freeze drying and how it can benefit your family.

    freeze drying apples

    Can I Freeze Dried Apples?

    100% Yes! Freeze-drying locks in flavor and nutrition without adding any preservatives or additives. The process also helps preserve the natural color of fruit, making it a great way to store fresh produce for long periods of time. 

    Plus, freeze dried apples are naturally sweet and make a great snack for all ages.  As soon as I open a bag of freeze dried apples they are gone in minutes.

    how to freeze dry apples

    Do I Need to Peel Apples Before Freeze Drying?

    This is really a personal preference.  The peels take a little longer to freeze dry but you can peel or not peel.

    Personally, our family prefers them peeled.  The peel is a little chew and we just like the nice crunch of freeze dried apples.

    freeze drying apples

    How Long Do Freeze Dried Apples Last?

    If stored properly, freeze dried apples will last for 25 years.  You can store them in a Mylar bag for the best results.

    However, a mason jars is a great short term storage solution for apples you will consume quickly.  To ensure the longest shelf life possible, try not to expose your freeze dried fruits and veggies to humidity or extreme temperatures.

    Freeze Dried Apples Video

    Are Freeze Dried Apples The Same As Dried Apples?

    Easy answer is no.  While both processes involve drying out fruit, there are differences.  Dehydrated fruit removes moisture through heating.  So the texture, color and flavor changes a bit.

    Fruit that is freeze dried has the moisture removed through freezing and vacuuming in a freeze dryer machine .  The color and shape of the fruit stays the same.  The flavor intensifies.  So you get even more apple-y apples.

    freeze drying apples

    How to freeze dry apples?

    Start by washing and drying your apples.  Feel free to peel them or not.

    Core and slice the apples into quarters and again into 3-4 pieces.  You can also slice them in the round as long as they are flat.

    Place them on the freeze dry trays and add them to the freeze dryer.  Once the freeze drying process has ended, remove the apples from the machine and place in Mylar bags or in mason jars.

    freeze drying apples

    Freeze Drying Equipment

    Just like anytime you preserve food, you'll need special equipment to freeze dry and store your food.  Some things you will need are:

    Freeze Dryer Machine:  We use the large Harvest Right Freeze Dryer.  We decided to go with the large because it can hold more, which means filling less often versus running the machine more often.  But they come in small, medium and large.  And they released an Ex-Large version in 2023.

    Canning Jars:  You can store many foods in canning jars for short term use.  For long term shortage, jars need to either have an oxygen absorber or be sealed using a vacuum sealer.  They need to be stored in a cool and dark area to keep colors fresh.

    Vacuum Sealer: A vacuum sealer is a good investment if you plan to store your freeze dried goods in jars.  This eliminates the cost and need for oxygen absorbers.

    Mylar Bags:  A Mylar bag is a great choice for storing freeze dried foods.  They come in many sizes and keep light from getting to foods.  They can be stored in tubs or 5 gallon buckets for easy access.  Make sure to purchase thick bags to avoid foods puncturing through and ruining your food supply.

    Impulse Sealer: An Impulse Sealer is used to seal Mylar bags.  Heat is applied to the bag layers to seal them together and avoid moisture, air and light from penetrating the bags.

    Oxygen Absorbers: Whether you plan to use Mylar bags or canning jars, you'll want to invest in oxygen absorbers.  These will be added to each Mylar bag and short term shortage jars.  This ensures that any oxygen in the packaging is absorbed and keeps the food from spoiling.  

    You can purchase these in many places including from Harvest Right and even on Amazon.  We've had success with both, but you may need to try a few brands until you find one that works best for you.

    Freeze drying apples is a great way to create yummy snacks and long term preservation for later use in baking.  You can have some of the best treats ever and they make really great gifts too!
    Learn how to freeze dry apples using a freeze dryer.

    Now don't forget to log how many jars or bags of freeze dried apples you preserved in your canning journal.  That way you always know how much you have and when you need more.

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