Simple Natural Laundry Care Tips & Tricks

I hope I'm not the only homesteader that despises doing laundry.  (Please tell me I'm not.)  I really do believe it is the worst chore in the world.  Although, I could have it much worse and have to hand wash every item of clothing and at that point I might decide homesteading was not for me.  I am grateful for modern conveniences like washers and dryers.  But today I thought I'd share some of the ways we work to save time, money and the environment while still getting the laundry done. Here are our 5 tips for a simple, natural laundry care routine.

Simple Natural Laundry Care Tips & Tricks
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Tip #1 - Cheap isn't always better

The trick to saving money on laundry is recognizing that cheaper isn't always better.  Cheap soaps require more soap to get something clean.  Cheap washers and dryers don't usually last as long.  Cheap clothing or towels will deteriorate faster and can end up in the trash or donated way before they should be.  When you go to purchase these items look for quality.  If there are ratings or reviews, this will help you know if what you are buying is going to last and help you start a natural laundry care routine.

Simple Natural Laundry Care Tips & Tricks

Tip #2 - Go natural

So many of the laundry detergents we purchase are not good for our homes or the environment.  We had to switch from using some detergents because our youngest has eczema and some detergents were irritating his skin.  Natural laundry detergents are great for getting your clothing clean without harsh chemicals or dyes that aren't good for your body or your home.  We buy our detergent from Grove Collaborative.  We use the Method Free + Clear detergent and the wool dryer balls.  They are amazing.  I love that we don't have any extra dyes or fragrance since this just makes my sons skin so raw.  Plus, I can add my favorite essential oils to my dryer ball to add some scent without worrying he'll break out. 

If you really want to go natural, why not make your own laundry detergent.  When you do this you really know what goes into your home and body through the laundry.  You can get a free recipe here for laundry detergent.

Tip #3- Use the sun

The sun is your best friend when you choose a more natural approach for laundry.  In the summer, you can save on your utility bill if you put up a nice clothes line.  It doesn't have to be fancy.  Mine is strung under our deck between 2 posts.  Hand sheets to dry or jeans and t-shirts.  The more you can dry on the line, the more money you'll save.  You can also invest in a shower clothes line for during the winter months or even a foldable drying rack for in your laundry room.

Simple Natural Laundry Care Tips & Tricks

Tip #4 - Do less

Yep, that's right, I'm giving you permission to do less laundry.  {My favorite tip so far, because we all know I hate this one.}

But how you say?  Well, reuse it!  

Hang up those towels to dry in a nice warm or sunny place so they dry fast and stay fresh for longer.  Do you really need to wear new pajamas every day?  Why not fold them up in the morning and put them on your pillow for the next night.  Your kids can do this too.  Make a pajama eater for them to keep their pajamas in all week.  You can wash them at the end of the week.  How about that dress or jeans, do they really need washed for the next wear?  

No I'm not advocating that you become the smelly person, but just that you become more conscious of your clothing choices and how often everything needs to be washed.  This will make your life so much simpler, full of less clothes and less laundry to fold.  Plus you'll save on water, electricity or gas and that means saving money!!!

Tip #5 - Do your research

Anytime you are looking to purchase a new product, do your research.  For instant an expensive washer or dryer, may look great but the price tag doesn't always depict how efficient it really is.  You want something that uses less water and electricity but always has good reviews and ratings.  When you go to buy that new laundry detergent, was it made with organic ingredients?  How about the essential oils you are putting on your dryer balls?  Where are they from?  Asking questions is a good thing when it comes to the health of your family and the efficiency of your home.  When we ask questions we get the products we want, for the price we are willing to pay.

Simple Natural Laundry Care Tips & Tricks

Simple Natural Laundry Care Tips & Tricks


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